Options for Oakton


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EYA, LLC, a developer based out of Bethesda, MD, has proposed the current plan for AT&T site development.  They are responsible for dozens of townhome and Mosaic-type communities all over the metro area.  The land itself is currently owned by the Carlyle Group, a massive, DC-based private equity fund.  Neither the developer nor the property owner have any ties to Oakton.  Once they redevelop the land, they will move onto other projects and we, the residents of Oakton, will have to live with whatever they leave behind.   


But good news --- EYA can’t unilaterally build on the AT&T land. 


In order for any development to occur, the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan must be amended.  And residents of Oakton can have a say in that process 

What’s in the Current Proposal? 

EYA has provided more details about their plan, though there has been incredible inconsistency in the message they've shared with HOAs and others in our area.  According to them, their development would add -


What would this mean for Oakton? 

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