Density in Oakton Near the AT&T Site

This map illustrates various densities on land surrounding the AT&T site.   This image is not intended to persuade or influence a decision regarding appropriate number of units for the AT&T development proposal, but rather seeks to provide the following:  

We used Google Earth to make the map and outline sections of land. and the Fairfax County Property Map to determine the number of residential units on these sections of land.  

If you would like to make your own map, feel free to use these resources.

Please see our legend below the image for more information.

NOTEAreas A and C match the AT&T property for size at roughly 34 acres.  Areas B and D are somewhat smaller and larger than the AT&T site to show different scales of terrain.  The AT&T property is outlined in red.  

Area A  

(BLUE) - This area sits north and east of the AT&T site and includes Cherrywood Square, Paddock Wood Court, Barden Oaks, Oakleigh, Oakton Manor, and portions of Treebrooke HOA.  The area consists entirely of townhomes.

Area B 

(GREEN) - This smaller area includes portions of Treebrooke HOA, three condominium buildings with underground garages North of Bushman Drive, and mostly townhouses South of Bushman.  

Area C

(YELLOW) - This area includes the Arrowwood Community, Flint Hill HOA, the Four Winds at Oakton community and other HOAs. The area consists of both condos and townhomes.  

Area D

(MAGENTA) - This larger area includes Trevor House Condos and several other condo and townhome communities bounded by Bushman Lane to the south and east.